Books on Radish

These are the books that are currently available on my Radish account:

  1. Black Rose – Standalone Book

2. The Cities Series – Paris (Book 1)

3. King of Diamond – Standalone Book

4. The Numbers Series – S.I.X (Book 1), Z.E.R.O (Book 2), Element (Book 3), and Sigma (Book 4)

5. The Progressive Series – Work in Progress (Book 1)

6. Princess Kisses – Standalone Book

7. The Elite Five Series – The Bargain (Book 1)

8. The Sterling Series – The Sterling Code (Book 1)

9. The Guide Series – The Aphrodite Rulebook (Book 1)

10. The Ray Ranch Series – Chasing Cupid’s Choos (Book 1)

11. The Very Best of Us – Standalone Book

There are some covers that I changed from my previous post like this. I will keep updating this post as I add more books.

You can read the books on my Radish account. Happy reading!

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