Books on Galatea

These are the books of mine that are currently available on Galatea:

  1. Mateo Santiago

Mateo Santiago is available on the Galatea app as an Immersive Story, as well as an Audiobook.

You can check it out on the Galatea app. Happy reading (or listening)! 🙂

Books on Inkitt

These are the books that are currently available on my Inkitt acccount:

  1. House Call – Standalone Book
  1. The Numbers Series – S.I.X (Book 1), Z.E.R.O (Book 2), and Element (Book 3)
  1. The Santiago Series – Juniper Santiago (Book 2) – Mateo Santiago is available to read on Amazon.
  1. The Dark Side of Lyda – Standalone Book (so far)
  1. The Misfortune Series – Hudson (Book 1)
  1. Xaria – Standalone Book

You can read the books on my Inkitt account. Happy reading! 🙂

Books on Radish

These are the books that are currently available on my Radish account:

  1. Black Rose – Standalone Book

2. The Cities Series – Paris (Book 1)

3. King of Diamond – Standalone Book

4. The Numbers Series – S.I.X (Book 1), Z.E.R.O (Book 2), Element (Book 3), and Sigma (Book 4)

5. The Progressive Series – Work in Progress (Book 1)

6. Princess Kisses – Standalone Book

7. The Elite Five Series – The Bargain (Book 1)

8. The Sterling Series – The Sterling Code (Book 1)

9. The Guide Series – The Aphrodite Rulebook (Book 1)

10. The Ray Ranch Series – Chasing Cupid’s Choos (Book 1)

11. The Very Best of Us – Standalone Book

There are some covers that I changed from my previous post like this. I will keep updating this post as I add more books.

You can read the books on my Radish account. Happy reading!


It has been a long journey to get here, but it is with great pleasure that I announce that Juniper Santiago is officially back up on my Inkitt page in full. You can read the whole book and hopefully things will make sense again.

With regards to Mateo Santiago, you can still buy it on Amazon here. You can also read it on Galatea here.

Thank you so much for all your patience with me and happy reading!

The Self Where Guide


2020 is definitely a year that a took a turn most of us didn’t see coming. We were so excited going into the year, that I think we can agree that what met us with left some of us in a tailspin.

In March/April was a time when most countries were enforcing lockdowns due to the COVID19 pandemic, and I found myself incredibly conflicted, and feeling especially demotivated. It seemed to be a time to “take up a new hobby” or “learn a new skill”, and yet I found myself questioning almost everything about my life.

It’s almost like I saw life through a brand new set of glasses.

As time passed, I started to realise that I wasn’t the only one feeling this way, especially once the year seemed intent on outdoing itself with every new month. Most of us never have, and I don’t think we would’ve ever, thought we’d live through something like this.

And yet, here we are.

I started asking myself a couple of questions as I journaled, and I began wondering how many other people found themselves without a starting point to figuring things out, especially at a time like this.

We deal with enough as human beings, pandemics aside, and so it became clear to me that maybe, just maybe, I might be able to do my bit to help other people in the same fix.

And The Self Where Guide was born.


Like I mention in the book, I’m in no way an expert. I just thought I’d write a guide and offer my two cents to help someone else make sense of life in an otherwise unexpected time.

The book is for sale on a platform called Payhip, and it comes in a downloadable PDF format. You can get it here: Buy Now

My only wish is to help others with this guide genuinely, and if just so happens to help you, then I’m grateful.