Inkitt Publishers are the first company to look at my work and see publishing potential in it, and so in 2017, they approached me with an offer to publish one of my works – and so Mateo Santiago was published.

They are a platform that believe mostly in the readership of a book. The more popular the book, the better the chances of publishing. Currently, they have moved away from traditional publishing and have instead looked into publishing books onto their Galatea platform.

Aside from those also available on Wattpad and Radish, the following books are available on there:


An investigation into her father’s sudden disappearance leads her into the arms of the Lycan King, catapulting her to a whole other world she never knew existed, and a side of her that would either make or break her.


The people in their lives agreed – Hudson and Dawn belonged together.

Life, on the other hand, may have other plans.

Dawn Windsor, family friend to the Radcliffe family, is just about to complete her internship at Radcliffe and Associates. Late nights at the office are nothing new to her, until one night when she realizes she’s not alone. The last person she expects to find in his office, is her boss, looking aloof and more casual than she’d ever seen him.

And the last thing she expects him to tell her is that he doesn’t remember who he is.

Four months ago, Hudson Radcliffe was involved in an accident that only his family knew about. Four months had passed, and his memories weren’t showing any signs of returning. In an effort to jumpstart them, he escapes on a Friday evening to check out the place he’s said to spend most of his time.

And he bumps into the most beautiful woman he’s ever met.

Their chemistry is instant, and it’s not long before they find out that Hudson was ran over on his way to a date with a then clueless Dawn. His family and her friends agreed that she was a perfect match for him.

They agree to explore a relationship, but what secrets in Hudson’s memories hold the answers to today’s problems, and what secrets in Dawn’s past hold the answers to today’s dangers?


In a world where supernatural beings live among humans without the knowledge of the humans, the Vampyre race rules over both the mortal and supernatural worlds. However, the kingdom in itself is split into two; the Light and Dark Vampyres.

Three thousand years ago, Dalibor, the King of the Light Vampyres, banished the entire race of Dark Vampyres because of the sins of the then ruler, Aurel Jankovic. Fast forward to the present, and the Dark Vampyres have grown stronger, even in their banishment. At the helm of their reign is the unstoppable and feared Gabriel Jankovic, the Dark Prince of their kind.

With Aurel dying, the Dark Vampyre Kingdom is looking to their prince to get married so that he can take up the throne. The only problem is that despite being one thousand and fifty years old, Gabriel still hasn’t found his mate, and so his step mother decides that he should marry his on and off girlfriend once and for all.

Gabriel isn’t thrilled at all about the arrangement, and he cannot understand why his father would put him in such a position. When his eager bride to be gushes over the chocolate cake she tasted which would be perfect for the wedding, and insists that he should head to the bakery to taste it, he’s annoyed by the very request, but later finds himself at the bakery. The last thing he expects is to finally meet his mate.

Except she is human.

A human pairing with a Vampyre is out of the question and has never been possible.So what exactly is it about the redheaded Xaria McLeod that keeps him hooked to her?

My Inkitt profile is @kgalalelo. The app is available on IOS and Android.

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