I was invited to be a writer on the Radish platform back in 2017, and it was my first real chance at making money from my writing. I haven’t been the most consistent person at updating the stories on that platform, but that’s all about to change.

Radish has story formats that allow the writer to either make the story completely free, have chapters payable for a certain period of time before they are free, or where the story must be paid for in full (save for the first three chapters).

With the exception of one, my stories are set up with the second option. These stories are then shareable on other platforms like Wattpad, which is why you may see some of them appearing on both platforms.

The following books are available on there:



Rose Kidman is what people refer to as nice, naive, too kind, too trusting and basically a doormat, but she finds nothing wrong with that. Of course it doesn’t help to have people constantly telling her that she’s going to end up in trouble because of these traits, but she still chooses to be who she is.

After doing something even she knows was a colossal mistake, she decides that perhaps it’s time to leave behind her life in Denver. An opportunity meets her on a flight and before she knows it, she’s established a life in San Francisco.

She loves teaching children, but she never saw home school teaching as an option – until she meets Grace Black. The little girl is shunned from society because of the supposed sins of her father, something that strikes a chord with Rose.

It doesn’t take her long to form a connection with the little girl, and she makes a promise that she won’t do any research on her father, Olivier Black. Despite the warnings against associating with Grace, Rose gets even closer to the girl.

Until she meets Olivier.

The man is obsessed with giving her black roses, and as much as she tries to deny it, there’s something about him that rattles her very existence. She chooses to trust what she is told only by him and follows her heart. Soon she finds herself in a whirlwind of a life she never dreamed to live.

But, has her trust gone too far this time? Can she live with everything she ends up finding out?


Preparing to face losing her one bedroom apartment and beat up Chevy, she decides to drown her sorrows away at a bar where her closest friend Kenny works. Having had enough, she leaves the bar to head to the place she’d come to call home for two years, until something catches her eye.

Just a few feet from her, she spots a handsome man leaving his expensive car, but that’s not what catches her attention. Instead, her eyes are trained on the car across the road with the man aiming a gun at the handsome man.

While the shooter angles his shot, adrenaline courses through her veins, and before she knows it, she’s running towards the handsome man. Tackling him to the ground, she barely registers the pain that engulfs her in a matter of seconds as the black spots dance about her vision. 

She barely hears the man whose life she just saved curse to himself before she is rolled over. Her sharp intake of breath is mistaken for pain by him, but instead she couldn’t believe that someone’s eyes could look so captivating, even with the lack of light.

“Stay with me Diamond,” he whispered.

The last thing she thought was how he knew her name before succumbing to the darkness.


Paris – The distance between Cuba and London.

London has always been the odd one out of the family. Granted she has her parent’s smarts, she’s just always chosen to do things differently to her family, but they love her all the more for standing up for what she believes in.

A trip to Europe for one sends her on an adventure she didn’t expect, but one she wouldn’t trade for anything. In Paris, she meets a dying old man who she agrees to take care of for his last days as he is a dear friend of her fathers. She comes to care greatly for him, and is saddened when he dies.

She had no idea that that is when she would truly begin to live.

Cuba is a wreck of a man whose irresponsible ways threaten the legacy of the Diaz name. His grandfather has tried to speak to him, but he just won’t listen, so when he gets taken care of a kind and spirited young woman, he knows what he must do. He calls upon Cuba to immediately come and see him in Paris.

On her last night out in Paris, her last destination before heading back home, London does what the old man told her to do and lives it up to the fullest, including a one night stand. Having missed his grandfather’s funeral, Cuba heads out into the Paris streets to drown the sorrows of losing his grandfather and ends up having a one night stand with a beautiful woman.

The last thing she expected was to see him at her doorstep three months later.

The last thing he expected was to find out that he has to marry his pregnant one night stand to gain his inheritance.


“I called him princess. He kissed me.”

Being the child of a notoriously wanted criminal is a life Kenna Mendes can tell you all about. Having grown up with no friends and a social life really, she goes through a complete makeover just before being told that she has to move across the country to live with her dads for her safety.

She decides to get a job as a party princess to pay for her secret kickboxing lessons and save up for an expensive camera, except she not only gains a new job, but a best friend in Keith, and a female figure she can open up to in Mrs Carson, Keith’s mother and her new boss.

Optimistic about her new life, things kick off at her first job playing Elsa at Keith’s four-year-old goddaughter, Star’s birthday party. She arrives, a bundle of nerves, but her nerves disappear when she sees the boy dressed as a king, with curly bouncy hair, dimples and a flower crown on his head.

The boy she would soon learn was Ajax Tiller.

She takes an instant liking to Star, and is surprised to find out that the little girl belongs to Ajax. There’s something about him that intrigues her, and when he kisses her after she calls him princess, her emotions are thrown into turmoil.

And they’re not the only things thrown into turmoil.

Kenna finds herself navigating a whole new life of friends, feelings, princesses and drama. Little Star becomes her place of peace, but there’s only so much that the little one can do to distract her from her new life.

Let alone the fact that her mother has escaped prison and wants her daughter back.


EF 1 - TB

Power. Sex Appeal. Drama.

Five best friends… Five of the hottest bachelors… The Elite Five…


They call him ruthless and selfish, and he doesn’t mind telling you just how much he couldn’t care less about what you think about him.

At 25 years old, Grecian born and raised, Nikodemos Stavros is at the top of his game. As a renowned member of The Elite Five, and with his impeccable record as one of the most powerful CEO’s in the world, the self made millionaire is enjoying life without having to be tied down.

Especially to a woman.

At 22 years old, Gemma Atkins is making waves in the science and academic world. She’s one of the youngest scientists with her achievements around, and prodigy to one of the most legendary scientists of our time. The last thing she expects to be told when she is summoned by her influential parents, is that she is to be married within three months.

Both thrown into a whirlwind of hatred, delusional exes, dangerous situations, unexplainable feelings and intense sexual attraction, Nikodemos and Gemma must face an uncertain future, deciding whether they’re moving forward together or apart.

It all started with The Bargain. Will it end in an agreement?


Kitara Beauchamp is the twenty six year old love guru otherwise known as the ‘Glam Cupid’. She’s fantastic at matchmaking, and every woman dreams of having their wedding facilitated by her because they know that she’s the best at what she does. Married to multimillionaire businessman Mikhail Beauchamp, her personal life is also one that has women envying her.

Except behind the scenes, it isn’t as glamorous as it looks.

Maddox ‘The Sting’ Ray is the twenty nine year old soccer sensation that has taken the European leagues by storm. As a wealthy and famous player on demand in all departments, he breaks a lot of hearts when he announces that he will be getting married to his long time girlfriend and model Zaria Beach.

Maddox’s parents have only one request for him- that he gets married back home. Growing up in a small town had always been a problem for him because everyone had such high expectations for him, so the thought is daunting, especially since the last time he saw his family, some displeasing words were exchanged and he vowed to never come back.

Nonetheless, he agrees.

When Zaria finds out that she’d be getting married in the States, she knows that she has to enlist only the best help for her wedding, thus calling upon Kitara. Forced to take up the wedding, Kitara journeys to Maddox’s hometown to plan Zaria’s dream wedding.

The last thing she expects is the madness that ensues, and the love that blooms.

From the moment they met, Maddox was infuriated by Kitara, but little did he know that she was about to unravel his entire world. Little did he know that she would slowly but surely remind him of who he used to be. Little did he know that she would be his very redemption.

The last thing he expected going home, was to be Chasing Cupid in her Jimmy Choos.


“It’s positive,” she whispered in disbelief.

The friends sat in silence, looking at the pregnancy stick in her hand. They were all thinking the same thing without having to discuss it, but they knew that one of them had to be brave enough to broach the lingering subject.

“Miss Thang, didn’t you tell us that you couldn’t have kids?” Joe bravely pierced the silence.

“He said I couldn’t have kids,” Astrid said lowly, still shocked.

“Did you actually see the results? Did you speak to the doctor?” Cree asked. She shook her head and Cree shared a knowing look with CJ.

“He lied to you, and given the fact that he still doesn’t have kids from all his affairs, I’m guessing the problem is with him,” CJ said knowingly.

“Well at least he’s broken the spell,” Joe commented, and that’s when it settled on Astrid.

“What am I going to do?” Astrid panicked.

“You’re going to tell him?” they said unsurely.

“You don’t understand. I’m pregnant,” she said breathlessly.

“We know,” CJ said, confused.

“No, you don’t. I’m pregnant, but it’s not my husband’s baby,” Astrid informed.

They were equally mystified. “What? Didn’t you say he spent the night with you when he came back from the Bahamas?”

Astrid violently shook her head. “We slept in the same bed, but I wouldn’t let him touch me; not when he’d just been with Vienna.”

“So whose baby are you carrying?” they asked.

And that’s when the world tilted for Astrid.

“I don’t know his name.”


Their attraction was instant, and if there’s one thing that they both believe in, it’s trusting their gut to take them through their rapid relationship – except they don’t really know each other.

Mikhail knows that she has the potential to shatter his world.

Aphrodite knows that he has the potential to be her saviour.

If she lets him in that is.

Mikhail is an open book to her, despite the rumours that he’s a cold criminal. She doesn’t believe the rumours, but she’s spent so long building her defences, that Mikhail has no choice but to be patient with her while she slowly but surely softens his stony heart.

They both want to believe in the relationship, so they take chances with or without the approval of those in their lives. It’s a whirlwind from the moment Mikhail decides that he can no longer be without her.

Enter Aphrodite’s Rulebook.

His intent is to give her rules to living a better life, while helping her do so on the financial and romantic side of things and introducing her to a whole new world – except he very quickly learns that she has some things to teach him too.

He taught her how to live.

She taught him how to love.

The question is, will they live and love together?


Literally bumping into each other, Quinn and Talon learn that they’re connected through the unbreakable bond between their children – the adorable Summer, and the problematic TJ.

The initial spark is there, but every spark needs ignition.

And an attempt on Talon’s life lights up the way for them.

Brought in to take care of TJ and help with Talon, Quinn finds herself mistakenly giving the feisty Samantha Sterling information on a competitor that could help save a deal they’re after. When the billion-dollar deal comes through, it becomes clear that Quinn is an all-round asset to have.

Quinn Michaels, the twenty-year-old girl with the ugly scar on her face. She’s a social pariah at her school, but she couldn’t care less what people have to say about her. They know nothing about her – only that she has a scar on her face.

But there’s so much more to her.

Talon Sterling, the twenty-two-year-old tech genius whose life changed forever when he was five. He started his company at the age of fourteen, and by eighteen, it had gone global. He’s the youngest billionaire in the country, the eighth richest man in the world.

He has trust issues, and everything about Quinn should make him doubt everything, but he can’t fight what he feels for her. When she pulls a potentially dangerous move to help his company, she realizes that their insane connection is something she wants.

Will the two of them be able to build the family they’ve always yearned to have, or will the secrets of their pasts threaten to destroy them?



Lunch went by pretty quickly, and we were back to classes soon enough. I’d forgotten to get a book from my locker, so I quickly went to get it. I was leaning on the locker next to mine as I quickly scanned my schedule on my locker door, when warm air fanned the side of my face.


Being the excellent human being I am, I jumped out of fright, flinging the heavy calculus textbook in my hand backwards. I heard a grunt and turned to find the person behind me now hunched over as they held onto a part of their face.

“Oh God! I’m so sorry!” I panicked.

And then he looked up.

The first thing I noticed was his semi-short, dark hair. It looked so smooth, and I almost reached out to play with it. My eyes trailed down to his strong jaw line, down to his broad shoulders. I didn’t even realize that I was biting my lip as I further inspected the Adonis before me. His arm flexed, bringing my attention to the amber eye he was now covering.

It was him.


The most popular and dangerous guy in school.

And I’d managed to injure him with my calculus textbook.

I’m dead.


“Xander, you can’t sit here and tell us that this doesn’t look the least bit suspicious to you,” Mordecai told me.

“I’m pretty sure I know my own girlfriend, and I highly doubt she would shoot herself just to prove a point, or whatever the fuck you think she did it for,” I replied.

“This memory thing she has going on doesn’t sit well with me. It’s shady if we’re being honest,” Nadia commented.

“You’re just mad that Xander isn’t interested in you anymore,” Aziel told her. I inwardly laughed at the look on her face.

“Ok, so maybe we need to look at this from a non biased view. She showed up shot, she can’t remember anything, and her recent activities are questionable. That doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s guilty of all these crimes,” Nigel pointed out.

“I’ve met the girl. Hell, I spent a whole day with her, and even I agree that what she’s being accused of is a bit out of her reach,” Malachi defended.

“Are we all forgetting the glorified fact that Xander taught her how to fight, and it only took her a day to learn everything? The girl is dangerous and you’re all being blind!” Nadia said in frustration.

I shrugged. “She’s a fast learner. I don’t get what you’re so worked up about.”

“What is it about this girl that makes everyone doubt that she could possibly be a murderer?” she asked.

“Have you even met her? Because you seriously sound bitter more than anything,” Malachi told her.

“I don’t need to meet her. I know enough,” she snapped.

I got off of the table I was leaning on. “Look Nadia, you’re honestly picking at straws, and it’s clear that you don’t like Noelle much, but I would highly suggest you stop accusing her of all this shit because she’s innocent and you’re starting to piss me off.”

“She’s guilty and I’ll prove it!” she said determinedly.

I was about to say something when the door to the operations room flung open, revealing Margaux. “Alright, listen up! You have a new mission.”

“Finally! What is it?” Aziel asked.

She smirked slowly. “It’s simple really. Forget everything you thought you knew about Noelle Solano.”

Fuck my life!


I knew I was being followed without a doubt, but I was curious about why I was being followed to begin with. Last I’d checked, with my fiancée aloof, Cypher still recovering and my new environment, I hadn’t brought any attention to myself.

And Black hadn’t been a problem either.

I clicked on the button on my watch, alerting the twins to meet me in my room. I was hoping my roommate wouldn’t be there because I had to deal with these people following me without any witnesses and civilians around.

I turned around the corner of the building, testing to see if they would follow me, and they did. I headed all the way up to my room. The twins had just walked in, leaving the door open behind them. I walked in, and as I predicted, the two people following me entered after me. Mordecai closed the door before they could even blink.

They didn’t look the least bit fazed though. The girl is model worthy in all her fitness glory. Her long, black hair was in a single braid down her back, while she wore skinny jeans, a tank top and sneakers. Her eyes were mysterious and I couldn’t get a read on her.

The guy didn’t look all that intimidating, but then again, I could say the same about Nick and I found out that he’s Zero, as much as I am yet to believe it. The guy has blonde hair with dark and almost calculating eyes. It was difficult to pinpoint him too.

“Who the hell are you and who sent you?” I asked them.

“None of your questions are relevant right now. We need your help,” the guy said. I was automatically irked by his dismissive manner.

I crossed my arms. “And why would I help you?”

“Because both you and Elle’s lives are in danger if you don’t,” the girl replied.

Elle? As in my fiancée?

“Elliephant is alive?” Malachi asked, but there was something to his tone.

The guy nodded. “She is, but she needs your help.”

“When Bridge said she saw her yesterday, I thought she was being delusional,” Malachi commented.

And he failed to tell me this.

“Where is she?” I questioned our ‘guests’.

“Here on campus,” they replied.

“So she hasn’t even bothered coming to find us?” Mordecai asked.

“It’s complicated,” the girl replied.

I reserved my comment and instead asked. “And what exactly is it that you need me to do?”

“We need you to make her fall in love with you again.”


“They’re here,” Izzy announced.

I walked over to the edge to see what he was talking about, and my eyes immediately found him. He was standing at the door, no doubt scanning the area for any threats. Thanks to my glasses, I could see the mark on his neck – and if he was going to make it, I would have to shoot the mark directly at the centre.

Either that or I kill my husband.

I watched my cousin approach him. She was still limping – no doubt furious about that bit – and I could only smile, knowing that my best friend did that to her; my civilian best friend who surprised the hell out of everyone.

“Are you guys sure about this?” Storm asked.

“There’s no one I trust more than Elle to make the shot right now. We need to get my brother back,” Rose confirmed.

“But this is extreme. If she misses the shot, he dies. There’s no way we can save him or bring him back from a shot like that,” Blayze argued.

“You forget that this is the only way. We tried to bring him in and he put three of us in comas. Ellie is the only one who can fight him, and we all know what happened the last time they fought,” Grayson reminded.

Rose looked amused. “Elle, I thought you said these two could handle this.”

“They can. Their concern is genuine though,” I defended.

“Why? Are you having second thoughts?” Thales questioned.

“Never, but that doesn’t mean Blayze is wrong. If I miss, Xander dies,” I pointed out.

“You love him too much to let that happen, so don’t miss,” Oliver said, winking.

I nodded, laughing a little. “Is the team in place?”

“Everyone’s ready when you are,” Mason confirmed.

This was it. It was time to take back our lives – starting with my husband’s.


“And what about being a distraction?”

“You are not a distraction Alexis. If you accept it, then you’d be an addition to my life. We both have life changing decisions coming at us after three months, and it’s up to you if we go into everything together. I’ve told you where I stand, and at this point, I couldn’t possibly be clearer about my intentions.”

I couldn’t quite read the look on her face, and I didn’t want to break her out of thought, so I patiently sat and waited for her. She suddenly grabbed my hand and put it on her chest, where I could feel her heart beating erratically.

“I meant it when I said my heart is doing a thing Lincoln, and this scares me, but it isn’t all fear. Your feelings are in no way one-sided. I’m just worried about the pace of everything.”

“We don’t have to rush anything. I’ll come with you, but if you want to stay in separate rooms and just happen to date in different countries, then we can do that too,” I offered.

She laughed a little, and I was glad for the mood change. “That won’t be necessary. Going slow works just fine.”

She leaned in and kissed me, and things were very quickly heating up. You can imagine my surprise when I was the one to stop our extremely heated make out, instead suggesting that we head to bed.

“Whatever happens after three months, I’ll be there for you Linc.”

“Ditto Lex, ditto.”

My Radish profile is @KMoncho. The app is available on IOS and Android.

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