The Santiago Series



He rules the most powerful pack in the world. She has been outcast by her family and forced to go rogue. When their paths cross, it could be the beginning of something wonderful – or the end of them both.

Juniper Evigan is the daughter of one of the strongest Alphas alive, and that comes with a lot of pressure. When she brought shame to her family 5 years ago she was shunned. Now, at eighteen, she must decide to stay with her pack and live as an outcast, or be run off the land and never return.

Mateo Santiago hates life and everything in it. Living with a curse bestowed upon his ancestors has hardened him, and at the age of 23 he is the most feared Alpha in the world. When a rogue is brave enough to cross his lands, he plans to confront her – but is surprised by their intense connection. A connection he never believed possible and was told he could never have.


Published by Inkitt Publishers, Mateo Santiago is my first ever published book. It’s available on Amazon. You can also experience the book on the Galatea app as an Immersive Story, or an Audiobook, on IOS or Android.




What do you do when the love of your life gets taken away from you after declaring that they belonged to someone else? What do you do when you realize that karma is getting back at you for forgetting the most important person to you, by making them forget about you too?

How far would you go to get them back?

Mateo is slowly losing his mind after watching Juniper leave with the man she now referred to as her mate. He can’t help but feel like its karma working on him, but at the same time, during his amnesia, he fell for his wife once more- he didn’t go and claim another mate entirely.

Nothing makes sense to everyone, and it’s not helping that Roman and Juniper have disappeared. In the quest to get her back, more secrets are revealed, and everyone begins to realize that the unbelievable and amazing mating between Mateo and Juniper was only the beginning of a much, much bigger story.

Juniper Santiago is currently available to read on the Inkitt app. With Inkitt now focused on their sister app Galatea, I don’t have any information as yet as to whether or not the trilogy will be fully available on Amazon, but as soon as I have any feedback, I will communicate. You can read Juniper Santiago here.

As to the final book in the trilogy, I am still working on it. It will definitely tie the series up together and hopefully clear up the confusion caused by the second book.

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